To learn about the application process and get your questions answered, attend our Prospective Members Meeting on Zoom. Check the “Meetings” tab for date and time and to register.

At this time, Local 487 does not offer skills training for those without experience.

You may request an application with the form below. Once your application is completed, return it to our office along with the required payment.

What Can Local 487 Offer?

  • Guaranteed minimum wages
  • Guaranteed overtime pay
  • Safety guidelines
  • Guaranteed rest periods
  • Meal Penalties
  • Per diem & housing on distant work
  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Free or discounted training

What Are the Criteria For Joining Local 487?

  • Residency within the jurisdiction, including Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and Delaware west of Route 13 for at least 18 months immediately prior to applying
  • Proof of residency in the form of driver’s license and two of the following:  car registration, utility bill, voter registration, lease or deed.  (Two required)
  • Verifiable resume that indicates at least 30 days work in the craft for which you are applying or related work experience.  See links for list of crafts.  Covered Crafts – Studio MechanicsCovered Crafts – Broadcast Technicians
  • The names and numbers of two references from the industry
  • Minimum 18 years of age

Application Process FAQ’s

What is the timeline for Applications?

Once your application is received by this office it will be reviewed for completeness. In order for your Application to be presented, ALL requirements must be met by the THURSDAY prior to the Sunday Members’ Meeting. Applications are ONLY presented at our monthly Member meetings.

  • All forms in the application package must be filled out and signed
  • All supporting documents, including Proofs of Residency and Resume
  • Entire initial payment as agreed upon with the Local
    (Please do not pay until you receive an invoice)

What does requesting the payment plan entail?

  • The payment plan is available to Studio Mechanics only
  • Sign a Promissory Note (generated when you inform this office) for $700 of the $1,000 Initiation Fee, payable in four $175 installments, every three months
  • Attend the Sunday Members’ Meeting, either in-person or on Zoom, to officially request the plan

I can prove 18 months of residency but I’ve had different addresses?

That is fine, as long as all addresses have been in our jurisdiction. Your Driver’s License MUST be from either MD, VA, or DC. If it was issued less than 18 months ago, you will need other proofs of residency showing 18 months in our jurisdiction. Please refer to the Checklist.

What happens after my Application is approved at a Member Meeting?

Your Application will go to the International Alliance for endorsement, which may take a few weeks. Once your endorsed application is received by this office you will receive a welcome email and given access to the members’ resources section of our website.

I.A.T.S.E. Local 487 Application Request Form

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