Welcome to Local 487

We are the multi-talented, award-winning crew members that help make movies, commercials, and television shows possible. Local 487 proudly represents the technicians, artisans, and craftspeople in the Mid-Atlantic region since 1990. 


We are

Grips, Electricians, Medics, Greenskeepers and Location Managers. We do Set Construction, Costumes, Sound, Craft Service, Props, Special Effects and Set Dressing.

Some of us took a direct route to our dream job. Others tried different careers before discovering this vocation. The work is challenging and the hours are long, but for the right individual the satisfaction is great.

We are freelancers who have banded together to help each other. The more of us who unite, the better off we will be, individually and collectively. We are here to protect each other, and to improve the lives of ourselves, our friends and our families.